Jumpsuit for a change – Rosegal Review

Jumpsuit for a change – Rosegal Review

I’ve always been a great fan of jumpsuits though I don’t wear them very often. It’s true that I can’t get enough of dresses and skirts but sometimes I enjoy going for something different. So when I was asked to choose an outfit by rosegal.com, I thought to myself that it would be good to go for something other than a dress this time. After hours of browsing over their website, I finally came across this beautiful black jumpsuit which I found quite original and chic at the same time.

I love to look for small details which make the difference every time I shop. This is one of my ultimate rule for shopping. I would lie if I say that I don’t like to go with the trends! In fact I really enjoy following the trends but I always like a small unusual detail about it which fits my style. You can say that I have an eye for details. That’s how I chose this black jumpsuit. I especially like that crossed white bands at the top which give life to the whole look. I wore it with high heels of course, to bring that sexy effect to the outfit.

Then I tied my hair into a ponytail which I rarely do. That was again for a change. As always, I like to add a striking accessory, so I went for the boho feather earrings to which I’m currently obsessed. For make-up, I used grey and black eyeshadow for a smoky effect along with red lips. I think that red lips can bring elegance to any look. It’s just so classy and it never goes out of style. It stands out even more when worn over a black or white outfit.

I hope you like this look 🙂 Have a great week ahead loves! Xoxo

Jumpsuit: Rosegal.com 

Jumpsuit for a change – Rosegal Review

Jumpsuit for a change – Rosegal ReviewJumpsuit for a change – Rosegal Review

Jumpsuit for a change – Rosegal Review

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