Positive Vibes + Rosegal Review

Lately I’ve been more drawn towards positive vibes! Since the last few months I’ve been really adopting the positive attitude and trying to use the law of attraction. To my surprise, the changes I made in my life so far are actually working for the best. With every positive outcome, my beliefs about positivity and law of attraction are getting stronger day by day. I thought that it would be wise to share this with you as it might help you as well.

Thinking positive doesn’t mean that I don’t get tempted towards negative emotions. The truth is that it still happens to me. We are human and it’s normal stuff! But what we can do about it is just to try to find something positive in all the fuss. I know that might be hard to grasp. Let’s say for example, you are getting angry because you are currently jobless and broke. I’m not taking this example out of the blue. I’ve actually been through this situation and it was really hard to find something positive about it. At first, I would act as a victim and it made me feel miserable. At that moment, I realized how wrong I was and I could not leave it that way! So I started to read a lot of positive books and watch youtube videos about positivity.

Finally, I made small positive changes in my life. Though I was still facing the same problem, I turned the perspective to something else. I started to see the positive side of ‘my problem’. I had more free time to go out, to read, listen to music, to sleep, and to do yoga. I planned my schedule in such a way to avoid getting in that depressive zone! Days flew by and it worked wonders! I began to feel comfortable and happy despite the fact that problem was still there.

All of a sudden, it was not a big issue for me anymore and this is when the magic happened! I noticed that when I felt comfortable where I was at this point of my life, what I wanted and needed started coming to me. The thing is you attract what you are feeling! So the key is to make yourself happy so that you can attract more happiness, as simple as that! You control everything! The vibes that you emit gets back to you, so make sure you have some really good vibes! 🙂 xoxo

Here are some positive changes which you can do to make yourself happy:

  • Positive thinking
  • Focus on your goals
  • Exercise
  • Change your diet
  • Pray
  • Volunteer
  • Embrace your emotions
  • Meditate
  • Spend more time with your loved ones
  • Spend more time in Nature
  • Count your blessings and be grateful

Rosegal Review:

I received this beautiful skirt along with the choker and bracelet from rosegal.com. I’m loving how the skirt fits perfectly! The lace detail adds to its beauty! I paired it with my denim crop top, leather jacket and Adidas sneakers (my current favorite).

Shop the Look

Skirt: Rosegal

Bracelet: Rosegal

Choker: Rosegal

Positive vibes + Rosegal Review

Positive vibes + Rosegal Review

Positive vibes + Rosegal Review

Positive vibes + Rosegal Review

Positive vibes + Rosegal Review

Positive vibes + Rosegal Review

Positive vibes + Rosegal Review

Positive vibes + Rosegal Review

Positive vibes + Rosegal Review

Author: Hun Tature

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Jumpsuit for a change – Rosegal Review

Jumpsuit for a change – Rosegal Review

I’ve always been a great fan of jumpsuits though I don’t wear them very often. It’s true that I can’t get enough of dresses and skirts but sometimes I enjoy going for something different. So when I was asked to choose an outfit by rosegal.com, I thought to myself that it would be good to go for something other than a dress this time. After hours of browsing over their website, I finally came across this beautiful black jumpsuit which I found quite original and chic at the same time.

I love to look for small details which make the difference every time I shop. This is one of my ultimate rule for shopping. I would lie if I say that I don’t like to go with the trends! In fact I really enjoy following the trends but I always like a small unusual detail about it which fits my style. You can say that I have an eye for details. That’s how I chose this black jumpsuit. I especially like that crossed white bands at the top which give life to the whole look. I wore it with high heels of course, to bring that sexy effect to the outfit.

Then I tied my hair into a ponytail which I rarely do. That was again for a change. As always, I like to add a striking accessory, so I went for the boho feather earrings to which I’m currently obsessed. For make-up, I used grey and black eyeshadow for a smoky effect along with red lips. I think that red lips can bring elegance to any look. It’s just so classy and it never goes out of style. It stands out even more when worn over a black or white outfit.

I hope you like this look 🙂 Have a great week ahead loves! Xoxo

Jumpsuit: Rosegal.com 

Jumpsuit for a change – Rosegal Review

Jumpsuit for a change – Rosegal ReviewJumpsuit for a change – Rosegal Review

Jumpsuit for a change – Rosegal Review

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Author: Hun Tature

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ROSEGAL Review: Neutral Pieces

Hello, lovelies! While the others are now enjoying their long weekends on the beach, I and my husband just got home from a mini-shopping because SM Megamall is having a 3-day sale. We took advantage of the additional 10% discount. Everybody loves discount! Speaking of discounts, you may want to check ROSEGAL because they are having up to 85% discount – it’s the greatest markdown you’ve ever seen! And for today’s outfit post, I am featuring these items from ROSEGAL they have sent weeks ago.

Check out black short dresses34186762751_042a75d804_b34186762751_042a75d804_b

This brown nylon tote bag is so roomy; you can fit all your stuff inside. It looks classy, too, because of it’s wine red lining. It’s been my go-to bag when going to work because I can swiftly placed all my long sized folders inside without it deforming. This is also a good bag for travelling.


This bow hollow out flat shoes is very comfortable to wear. The quilted foam insole is a big help to not immediately feel tired. I have used this pair for a 6 hours straight of standing and walking and my feet felt just a bit tired. Unlike my other flat shoes that doesn’t have quilt foam insoles, it makes my feet so weary and tired.


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I was wearing ROSEGAL:
ROSEGAL brown nylon tote handbag (get here)
ROSEGAL nude pink hollow out flat shoes (get here)
SAMMYDRESS metallic mirrored sunglasses (get here)
ZAFUL high waist pleated skirt (here)
Author : John Gilbert
From : http://iamjenniya.blogspot.hk/2017/04/rosegal-review-neutral-pieces.html

Lace Underwear Collocation

Lace, is a beautiful, pleasant words. White lace represents a comfortable, pure black lace means sexy, wild, lace in the female life elements accounted for very large, can be found in girls is not only clothing will appear more or less with lace, even the details of single product includes ribbons, necklaces, bracelets, socks or laptop can add a little lace in them,.So I believe your wardrobe must have secretly collection with a small lace underwear!






With Choker,you’ll be a fashion icon


If you ask this season which jewelry is the trend of hot money? That must be Choker. From supermodel, fashion Icon and then to the stars, almost all people wear Choker.

If you feel that there is something missing in your neck to highlight your sexy collarbone, be sure to wear a choker. Choker charm lies in the right to modify the neck, highlighting the clavicle. Can be cute, can be cold, Choker is simply amazing accessories.

Now I gave you some tips to how to wear Choker properly.










Are you dare to wear fishnet tights?

Fishnet tights are officially back in fashion.You’re probably thinking why this come as a chic hot.As a fashion icon Kendall Jenner are very early to anticipate this fashion trend.Wear a fishnet with jeans is so cool, leave a little bit of the edge and there will be no kitsch feeling.rehost2016112383b30c7e-efdb-488b-a882-0c0b67593361

Trust me,this trend can work.You can also try to a fishnet socks with high heels.


If you are an active girl , you can match a pair of fishnet scoks with sportshoes, roll up a pair of unfinished hemmed jeans.



Spring with Rosegal — Floral Dress

Springs signals a sprout of new life and new beginnings.Many people maybe think about what to wear.The answer is a floral dress.Floral dress is worn as symbolic of spring.We make a little list of spring trends.


Bohemian Off The Shoulder Floral Shirred Flounce Maxi Dress


Button Front Floral Print Maxi Dress


Off The Shoulder Maxi Floral Flowing Dress


Plunging Floral Print Cutout Beach Dress


Spaghetti Strap Floral Print Maxi Handkerchief Dress